Life After Cake

Better finished than perfect!

If anyone wondered what had become of me lately, I was probably at some stage of the cake making. I made a christmas cake (heavy fruit cake) so I could get ahead before going back to three days a week of grandma-ing. I got the decorations done in good time and the marzipan finished a tad early.

All that remained was the icing and that was when the nightmare began! I really wanted to get the icing smooth but after attempts on several evenings and help from a son who can plaster a wall dead flat, I had to resort to swirling it about with a knife.

And, finally, it was done.

And I feel I’ve learned a lot and I could do it better another time. But I have no plans to embark on such an undertaking again!

Thankfully, it managed to withstand the two hour car drive without bits falling off, the christenings went well and even Mr RH (who had spent weeks grumbling about how long it was taking and asking when I was going to move ‘that monstrosity’ from the kitchen table) acknowledged it had been something of a success and I heard him accepting compliments from all and sundry so graciously you could be forgiven for thinking he’d made it himself.

And now it has gone from being all consuming to being (almost) all consumed and that it how it should be with cakes.

I have some of the decorations and a fair quantity of sugar paste left over so we can all have some more than usually elaborate birthday cakes this year but they will be altogether more modest affairs and in the meantime I must catch up with blogland and some sewing projects that have deadlines fast approaching.

I wish you a happy week :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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5 thoughts on “Life After Cake

  1. Andrée

    Hi Janine, what a monumental undertaking! I’m so happy that it turned out well and that you learned lots, even if you don’t think that you’ll make another soon! Hope you’re well. Take care.


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