Man on the Moon, Furtling on Earth

October was a ridiculously busy month but I did manage a little knitting and a little sewing so, at last, I can furtle with Helen again!

First, though, a small Art Quilt.

November 1st was the reveal date for our latest Endeavourers challenge and this quarter’s theme was ‘A quilt Inspired by a Newspaper Headline’.

This time, I couldn’t really complain about the theme because I chose it myself. In my defence, it was a long time ago before the headlines became Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Covid, Covid Covid…Alas, we don’t take a newspaper anymore and, although, from time to time I used to notice an interesting or amusing headline, whilst waiting in the post office (which is also our village shop), as soon as I wanted to make a quilt, that came to an abrupt stop.

I had no more luck searching the internet, where the only front pages in the first thousand or so search results seem to record deaths of celebrities, wars or terrorists attacks. You could be forgiven for thinking nothing positive ever happened in the world!

So, with the deadline fast approaching, I resorted to quilt pictionary.

I made this quilt entirely by hand whilst babysitting. I began with some diagonal lines of stitching and appliqued the moon. Then I made the man by appliqueing tiny scraps of felt and stitching over them for the clothes. Everything else is stitched. I did intend to re-do the dog – which is very random – but I ran out of time. The quilt is 10″ square so the man and dog are very small!

A small ‘new-to-me’ was the way I finished it. I made the blue main blue front fabric bigger than the wadding and after all the stitching, I laid a backing piece over back of the wadding, folded the front fabric to the back and stitched it down. It’s a bit improv as I did this without a tape measure, pins or an iron but I quite liked this way of finishing because I was able to stitch down the top edge last without sewing the corners and that made a sort of sleeve for hanging.

I hope you will visit my fellow Endeavourers to see the fantastic quilts they made in response to this theme.

* * * * * * *

Apart from that, I made some dolls clothes, nearly finished making a doll’s carrycot and began knitting a Christmas Stocking so I will link up with Helen at Archie the Wonder Dog for her October Furtle.

Now the dark evenings and rainy days are upon us, perhaps I will manage to spend some more time back in blogland…

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “Man on the Moon, Furtling on Earth

  1. piecefulwendy

    I enjoy the word furtle – it’s new to me, so whenever I see Helen’s posts, it makes me smile. This little quilt makes me smile to, it’s whimsical and fun. Clever you, coming up with that idea of folding the front to the back and finding a little quilt sleeve, too! On to the next challenge!


  2. Kim Sharman

    Janine, the world furtle is new to me, too. I admit I had to ask Mr Google what it meant. =) I see it is a British kinda word. How sweet your tiny man on the moon and his little dog are. Such a fun little quilt and such a fantastic way of finishing the quilt. Your knitted red and white stockings are always beautiful.


  3. Archie The Wonder Dog

    I adore this mini quilt! It’s such a clever idea and I think the man and dog are the perfect touch. I can’t wait to see more of that Christmas stocking – will there be handmade presents going in it? Thanks for Furtling!


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