Opposites Attract

Sometimes in the night, I hear a small voice calling, “Come back, come back…” And it is my blog and I say, “Tomorrow, tomorrow…” And I fall asleep with grand plans of finishing up all the projects I’ve started and beginning a most marvellous selection of things dreamt of and, as yet, unimagined…

Then I wake up and, almost before I’m out of bed, I’m swept away into another day with its more than twenty-four hours’ worth of needful, unbloglike work.

But yesterday was deadline day so welcome to Rainbow Hare for this quarter’s Endeavourers reveal post. This time our theme was ‘Opposites Attract’.

I really struggled to come up with anything to make this quarter and also with finding time to make anything at all so this is definitely a better-finished-than-perfect offering, which I eventually managed to make on Saturday. 

Amazingly, I started by bagging a layer cake square with some wadding and backing (having absolutely no idea what to do with it) and then had to go out. By some kind of miracle, by the time I got back and re-staked some rows of runner beans that had been razed to the ground by high winds, the butterfly/flower idea had popped into my head and I sewed it up very quickly in the evening.

The rational behind this quilt is that the shapes are opposite each other in space and the colours are complementary opposites and the ‘attract’ part is indicated by the flower and butterfly because butterflies are attracted to flowers.

I stitched mainly in white and painted (in colours) the shapes comprising the ‘opposite’ elements. Then I used black stitching to illustrated the flower and butterfly details – so black and white for the non-opposite elements.

This is certainly not my favourite reveal quilt but I was very relieved to get it finished!

I hope you will visit my fellow Endeavourers to see the quilts they have made for this quarter’s challenge. As always, the reveal an education and an inspiration :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. Kim Sharman

    Always believe in miracles. =) This art piece is truly whimsical, Janine; love it! The beautiful simplicity causes me to smile. If there is a pretty flower, then there must be a pretty butterfly.


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