The Little Blue Shop and a Glimpse of a Vintage Haberdashery

Welcome to the Little Blue Shop!

Please feel free to step inside (the slideshow) and look around.

As you know, this has taken an inordinately long time. It began as a purchased box with one window and one door.

Mainly it was a matter of painting and painting and painting…It is made of mdf and soaks up paint like sponge and I did consider using a sealer but I could only find it in large and expensive quantities. I also painted the furniture inside. The counter with the cash register on used to be an oven in Granny Square’s caravan before she got her red one :)

Apart from that I added a window in the side wall and a hatch in the ceiling (you will see why in another post) and I made a sign and updated the the front. After much pondering and even more searching online I managed to find two corbels on ebay and two lengths of cornice and a length of door surround in a dolls house supplier, which are similar to those already used on the room box. I am most proud of my very straight sawing on this frontage!

I made the part saying, ‘The Little Blue Shop’ by printing it, sticking it onto a piece of wood with pva glue and brushing over it with another layer of the same glue.

I had resolved to give up paper mache and I’d said that to myself with such conviction that I’d put away all the glue and scrap paper but when all that remained was the roof – cut from the board in the back of a broken picture frame with a stanley knife – I had issues with joining the pieces and ended up getting it all out again and another week passed with layers of glue and paper followed by layers of paint. I realise now how wonderful knitting and sewing are in not having to keep waiting for sections to dry!

And then, when I’d pretty much resigned myself to the idea that this really would never end, it was finished.

Fortunately, during all the drying times, I had amassed and assembled everything for the inside so it didn’t take long to fill it up.

I also started pondering on the possibility that this little shop might not always want to be a general store and I’m sure everyone loves a vintage haberdashery so, when I saw this listing on ebay, I couldn’t resist.

Apart from the scissors, I made the items to fill the drawers of the cabinet.

And the wool shelf I have shown before. One day I will post some ‘how tos’ in case anyone is tempted but for now I must get back to the pumpkin!

I hope you are finding time to make whatever you enjoy :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

12 thoughts on “The Little Blue Shop and a Glimpse of a Vintage Haberdashery

  1. hawthorn-livelovecraft

    Good grief! – there has been a lot of work gone into your Little Blue Shop – and it shows, all the attention to detail – wow! It is a beautiful little piece of artwork :D


  2. Carol

    Oh my gosh it’s wonderful place to visit. So time consuming but so rewarding. I have always wanted to do a doll house. I bet I will now someday as I live with a 9 month old little girl that is sure to want one.
    xx, Carol


  3. Kim Sharman

    Oh my goodness, Janine! I would think you would be “most proud” of every, little thing that is in your Little Blue Shop! Why, everything is perfect. Those little drawers with the haberdashery items you crafted are fabulous. I can only imagine the time and love that has gone into each one of these tiny pieces. I cannot wait to read more of your Little Blue Shop, Granny Square and the adorable Knit and Purl.


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