About Time – A Story


Here, at last, is my Summer Stitching book. First the story, then some notes.

* * * * * * *


A story’s worth of stitching and suchlike.
A house with roots is a home.
To knit against cold in the wintertime.
To tend the good earth during swallow time.
And day follows day and the years roll on and all goes well. And yet…
Don’t you remember when we were young and nothing was impossible?
But now there is no time.
There is no time – like the present!
In the present, of course, you will find an Adventure! And there’s no time to lose so snatch up your fabrics, threads, yarns, pen – whatever you have to hand…
IMG_3569 2
Keep to the road and follow wherever it leads step after step, word after word, stitch after stitch.
Not the end – time to embark on a new adventure…

* * * * * * *


For the pages in this book I used a selection of utility fabrics interlined with with Vilene Fusible Low Loft Fleece. For the cover I also used a layer of hobbs wadding.

For the stitching, I used a wide variety of stranded embroidery threads (including Anchor, DMC and unbranded) and ordinary sewing threads (including Guterman, Vintage Silko and unbranded).

I also used a wide selection of new and vintage fabric scraps, lace, tapes, yarn, buttons and notions.

For the transfers I used Lesley Riley’s Tap Transfer Paper and the transfer pictures are public domain images from The Graphics Fairy.

I gave myself two rules – 1. No frogging and 2. Using only materials that I had already.

It has been an interesting experiment, which I’ve enjoyed. It has given me lots of stitching practice and ideas for future projects :)


Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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20 thoughts on “About Time – A Story

  1. TextileRanger

    I absolutely love this! I think in blueprints and maps, but I have never captured any of those thoughts in an actual piece. Maybe now is the time and that is my “You are here” point!


  2. Carol DeLater

    Oh gee. I saw those little pages when you created them. Now that they are put together in a book…well it just blows me away. Each new page relates to the last and carries the story forward. Planned beforehand, or seat of the pants creation? It’s wondrous.
    xx, Carol


  3. studiopaars

    Hello Janine, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I had a look at yours and I am in love with this book! I’ve played with the idea of combining my stitches in a sort of book, but to actually make a story with them – I think the idea is brilliant in itself, but you’ve made it into something really wonderful :)


  4. Kim Sharman

    About Time is a most glorious book, Janine! Each page is overspilling with beautiful whimsy and glorious detail. I would imagine many fun hours were spent dreaming up each page and many an enjoyable hour stitching. Each pretty stitch is fabulous! A most amazing finish!


  5. Flashinscissors

    Sorry to be late commenting, Janine. Wow! What a masterpiece! I love every little scene, but especially your map!
    Gosh, you are amazing! However did you manage to stitch all this and make quilts, and knit too?
    Well done my friend!
    Barbara xx


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  7. Mary J.

    Hello, it amazing how sewers can come up with so many ideas. I just love it. Thank you for sharing. I just love the book and the many stitch you used.


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