OMG – an improv horse

Well, my goal this month was to make an improv quilt with any or all of the fabrics in this box…


…and it’s not the greatest quilt or the most exciting improv but a finish, as they say, is better than perfect!

Elm Street Quilts

After going away for a week I caught some kind of flu-like virus and I couldn’t muster the energy or enthusiasm to sew for a further week – I’ve never had such an illness before and I hope I won’t catch it again! Luckily, I’m just left with a cough now and I’m glad I linked up with OMG or I don’t think I’d have sewn anything this month.

The main challenge I found was that my coloured scraps were 1 1/2″ squares and 2″ x 1″ strips, which didn’t give me much leeway on cutting them and I only really managed a couple of strips and a block that I didn’t like much.

Then I thought perhaps the block would make a good horse blanket and I started enjoying the process a lot more once I felt I was aiming towards something, rather than joining pieces randomly.


And, in the end, it turned into quite a fun little project even if my horse has ended up looking more like a donkey!


Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

I’m also linking this post with TGIFF at Anja Quilts

16 thoughts on “OMG – an improv horse

  1. soma @

    I am so sorry to hear that you got sick. Sounds very much like what my husband and I caught during our Scotland visit. Wishing you a very speedy recovery so you can be back to your Makery soon. That is a brilliant improv project. I love your horse. The line about your horse looking more like a donkey made me laugh out loud :)



  2. Flashinscissors

    Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, but well done managing to finish your quilt.
    Oh, Janine! He’s so cute! (Ooooh, I hope it’s a he, sorry if not!)
    What a great way to use those scraps, and you’ve made such a lovely improv quilt!
    Such great ideas! Looking forward to seeing the next one! 😊
    Barbara x


  3. MiriamD

    I love it! It’s so simple and I love how you are able to give such great outlines only using the same fabric – I love the dotted colour scraps as the horse’s blanket. Really nice work – did you enjoy it at least a little? (apart from still being ill of course – speedy recovery btw, nothing worse than being all poorly). xxx


  4. Carol DeLater

    Yes, I do think your horse looks like a donkey, and that he is so darned cute. At first I thought IMPROV meant just slap sew something together with no planning…but then I rethought it and you have proved my second thinking is correct. Every “doing” needs a purpose. Sometimes we just don’t realize it. Great work.
    xx, Carol


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  6. Benta

    That’s so cute! Hope you are feeling better (I’m writing from bed feeling sorry for myself with the lurgy but at least I’m catching up on bloglovin!)


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