Flowers, flowers and more flowers…


Now the evenings are drawing in I’m finding a little more time for knitting and, being at heart a one project person, I’m keen to finish a cardigan I started early in the Summer. But when my friend, Sharm, started making a beautiful flower blanket I really wanted to crochet along so I’ve been making a few blocks. You can find the pattern for these blocks on her blog, Country Fragrance. I think this is a lovely block pattern although I’m not planning another bed-sized crochet blanket for a while so I’m not quite sure how many more I’ll make or what I’ll make them into.


The real festival of flower here, though, is in the garden and I have pretty much abandoned them, now, to dance into Autumn in their disorderly chaos of colour.


Our garden is really more than a one person job and it has been a solitary, endless and mostly thankless task this year but the flowers (and vegetables) do make me smile and I secretly feel that, in a way, I have been a victim of my own success! To sound like a real gardener, however, I know the correct phrase is: “We’ve been lucky with the weather this year” ;)

I’m hoping the flowers will keep dancing on for another month or two and that then, towards the end of October, Jack Frost will come one night and clear it all away, leaving me with a clean slate to start again next year. That is what I call being ‘lucky with the weather’ and that is when, if I’m lucky myself, I’ll find more time to crochet again :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare



11 thoughts on “Flowers, flowers and more flowers…

  1. Catherine Pritchard

    Smashing photos as usual Janine. I’m the same as you and usually decide to just enjoy the garden from late August. I spent an hour yesterday afternoon with a glass of rose in the sun, nothing better. The crochet blocks are so pretty. I think they would make a beautiful cushion for your seat in the garden.

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  2. Marion

    Your garden and your Granny Flowers are so pretty Janine. I must try making a Granny Flower. Thank you for the link to the pattern. What variety of Beans do you grow ? We have a lot but some of them are stringy even when I have removed the sides. Your Sweet Peas look perfect. I wish ours had lovely long straight stems like yours. Take care now. Marion


  3. Sharmayne

    Thanks so much Janine for sharing and linking to my blog! I love how your flowers are coming along and your garden looks delightful!!! Definately my kind of garden.
    Hugs Sharm


  4. soma @

    Your yarn flowers are so pretty, Janine! Gorgeous flowers and vegetables in the garden too! Your happy flowers are definitely rewarding your hard work by making you smile. At least that’s what I like to imagine when I am in the garden. I loved reading your post and seeing all the photos. Victim of ones own success – I have to remember that one :)



  5. Sandra :)

    Oh my – your garden did way better than ours – the weather was all over the place and most of our stuff did really poorly. The fruits (rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries) did fine, the cucumbers are doing reasonably well and a couple of my flowers came through nicely, but the rest of the vegetable garden and the majority of the flowers in the front yard (city lot = we have several garden spots, all small) were pretty crappy :D I like your 3D crochet flower blocks – I agree that a hot water bottle cover would be cute, and I think they’d be awesome as well, in a denim tote bag! I don’t even know why that popped into my mind, but the combination of pretty and soft flowers with denim – really makes sense to me :D


  6. Kim Sharman

    Jack Frost is still doing his thing down here, Janine, so I think you are safe for a little while longer. Though, I have begun to shoo him down our country road to his next port of call. =) It seems such a shame for your beautiful flowers to disappear. Fingers crossed you have many more days to enjoy all that glorious colour in your garden. Your garden is a triumph. I love English country gardens and all the hard work you have put into yours has reaped blooming rewards. Love your crochet flowers. I followed your link and how wonderful to end up at another Aussie girl, where gorgeous crochet abounds. Enjoy your day….hope you find a moment or two to sit amongst all those pretty flowers, enjoying cuppa.


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