Am Harvesting…Will Sew…

Last Winter, when I started ‘Wool on Sundays’, I considered starting a new blog for yarn but I read somewhere that, often, if you try to run two blogs one falls by the wayside. Since then, my blog seems to have become more ‘Wool on Sundays’ than ‘Rainbow Hare’ so I’m thinking it’s high time I had a non-yarn post. Ideally I’d have some sewing to link up to all the quilty parties but (alas!) not yet – so a Really Random post it is!
I have bought some new fabric – some pieces from the Indelible collection by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery and I’m soon going to start making a quilt. I have been very tempted by clamshells but I think I will go for squares of blues and greys with some pops of colour and ‘orange peel’ segments in the texty/deer print like a sort of fake cathedral windows. I did briefly wonder about an actual cathedral windows but then I looked into the yardage and there’s only so many times you can remortgage… :)
But first to finish harvesting. Our freezer is getting very full. The beans, of all kinds, I’m so happy to say are done. And most of the other vegetables are either gathered, eaten or can continue to be dug as we use them. I stew apples everyday but I think this week should see those finished too…
Apart from the that, the garden in general is going drunkenly to rack and ruin!

Did you see the fabrics in the bottom right hand corner, pushed to bottom and dwarfed by everything else? Such is September but I’m loving the hot Indian Summer weather so I won’t wish the frosts to come and help us out too soon!

I’ll link this post with Really Random Thursday, if there is one later today. If not, I suppose that will make it even more random…

I hope you are having a happy day, random or not :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

12 thoughts on “Am Harvesting…Will Sew…

  1. Sandra :)

    Our garden isn't big enough to give us much to freeze for winter, but we sure had some delicious tomato/cucumber salads through the latter part of summer :D I've been able to freeze very small amounts of tomatoes (a couple of cups, chopped, here and there), but that will be over with soon.

    That's a pretty line of fabrics – particularly that deer in text print – FUN!


  2. Kim

    Love your little teasing snippets of your garden. Such a bountiful harvest you have there…and I espy your sweet spaniel , she is very cute. Your fabrics are quite lovely. You have my attention by the term 'fake cathedral window'. Me thinks I had better stay tuned to your lovely blog, both for all things fabric and of course your wonderful woollies that make an appearance each week!


  3. Catherine

    I told my husband to PLEASE leave the damsons on the tree this year. A sin I know but we have 11 jars of damson jam from last year still in the cupboard as well as some in the freezer. I managed to give some away to friends though. I feel obliged to do something with all the produce but last year I coined the phrase “the tyranny of the fruit”!


  4. Susan at

    Oh I agree – not two blogs! I follow you to see what you're up to. If Rainbow Hare is yarn for a while then sewing, then cooking, then kids, then back to yarn – totally cool! :)

    I'll tell you though – I've never even successfully grown a house plant, much less a fruit or veggie. I'll surely be the first to die when the zombies come! I'm totally impressed with your wide array of skills and talents. :)


  5. Soma Acharya

    Wonderful set of photos and lovely fabrics!! Can't wait to see the fabrics in your next creation! I agree, definitely not two blogs. One blog with lots of varied posts always makes for a fabulous read :)



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