A Small Challenge

Le Challenge

I have been making some very small things lately, mainly for the Granny Square Summer Story, so when I saw this month’s theme at Le Challenge was small it seemed right up my street.

I thought about making a small doll and, as Knit is only 4 1/2″ high, I wanted to try a smaller one – a life size Thumbelina perhaps…

…but to do that I really need smaller haemostats and, although I ordered a pair, they turned out to be shorter but not thinner so they weren’t much help. Then I ended up having an extra busy month with several unexpected happenings and the doll idea fell by the wayside.
So I’m sharing some little things that are going to be in the next Granny Square story, which is scheduled for 21st but may be slightly delayed as we’ll be away until Monday.
The knitting is actually a finished object. It is a piece of knitting that Granny Square, who is 5 1/2″ herself, is in the process of knitting (she won’t be falling asleep this time!)
The games are free printables, which I didn’t make, I just scaled them down to 25mm square and the bird is Ophelia. I don’t think she’s allowed to be part of Le Challenge because I’ve shown her before…
…But I’m putting her in this post because I made her this month and she is my smallest sewn object ever.
Have you visited Le Challenge today?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

9 thoughts on “A Small Challenge

  1. Lucy @ Charm About You says:

    I love all these little makes! It's fine to include things so long as they were finished after the theme was set :) The little games are so sweet and the small knitting is adorable! Looking forward to the next instalment! Thanks for linking to le challenge!


  2. Kim says:

    I love looking at your teeny tiny dolls and how amazing are those props…incredible!! Oh I do love Ophelia….she is chirping a very sweet song!! Looking forward to your Granny Square story!!


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