Monday was really not my day :(

Welcome to Rainbow Hare for my stop in the College Days Blog Hop, hosted by Soma from Whims and Fancies who, as you probably know, is a queen of paper piecing…
Are you starting to get a sense of déjà vu here?

I’m extremely embarrassed to have to explain that Monday, the day my COLLEGE DAYS Seagull block blog post opened with the very same sentence as this one, was really not my day. I really cannot believe I hopped on the wrong day. If you look at the schedule (and I hope you will because there’s a fab collection of hosts) you’ll see this:

 7. 07/09 Janine, Rainbow Hare
If you are in the USA, no doubt you will immediately think ‘day 7 – the 9th of July’. If you are in the UK you will probably think ‘day 7 – the 7th of September’. If you were me and if you knew all the hop days were in July and you’d spent 11 hours driving on Friday and 10 hours driving on Saturday and had unexpected guests on Sunday and then started finalising your post at midnight and accidentally uploaded your entire desktop to google drive at 3am perhaps, just perhaps, when you went to double check the schedule and saw 7. 07/09 Janine, Rainbow Hare you might have thought ‘OMG 7th July! and pressed publish? Please someone say that could have happened to you too!
When I eventually realised my mistake, late on Monday, after being surprised to see a hop post with a great block by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs, I was mortified. Soma is one of my best friends in blogland and I know she has worked really hard to make sure this hop runs smoothly and I had wrecked it all by posting my block on the wrong day :( As soon as I got home I took down my post, hoping that no one would notice but the picture wouldn’t disappear from Bloglovin’…
So I decided the only thing for it was to treat it as a dress rehearsal and make another block so I would still have a surprise for today.
College Quilt Patterns

I decided to make another applique block so you can use the same basic techniques as shown in the Seagull block tute and, here, I am giving briefer construction details.

This block portrays Folly, illustrated by the Fool…

It also portrays Wisdom, illustrated by the Scholar.

Each are aspects of the same character and, depending how you view it, you might see a Wise Fool or a Foolish Scholar.

You will also see the subject of one of my favourite courses from my College Days, which ended with FOLLY ~ an essay which reflects on potential meanings of Folly as expressed through the literary character of the fool. I am posting it (temporarily) to a page at the top of my blog, not because I expect anyone to read it but to demonstrate that although I was foolish to hop on the wrong day, there is an element of reason behind my making this block for the hop.

The template sheets for this block are available on Craftsy and you can access them by clicking on the picture below. Please note that the actual block is square. It is a mystery to me why Craftsy has to distort the square into a rectangle like this but, after all the problems with linking to google drive, we’ll bear with it pending further information!

These are the basic steps for making this block:


Select your fabrics.


Cut a 10 1/2″ block of your background fabric.


Transfer the shapes from the Reverse Image template sheet onto fusible webbing and iron onto your fabrics.


Cut out your pieces and remove the paper backing.


Cut around the outline from your Fool/Scholar sheet and position it centrally on your background block approx 2 1/2″ from the top. I have marked an 8″ square (2 1/4″ from the edges to help with positioning). Draw around this shape with an erasable marker


Iron and stitch on the hats.


Iron and stitch on the face and draw or embroider eyes and mouths. Position eyes between the ears.

Thank you for visiting, especially if this is the second time, and huge apologies to Soma.

And please remember to check out the hop schedule and visit all the other COLLEGE DAYS hoppers :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

20 thoughts on “Monday was really not my day :(

  1. legato1958 says:

    Both of your blocks are so clever and great! And who hasn't had a mix-up in our dates…?

    I wondered if anybody else had trouble downloading the pattern off of Craftsy? I got the Seagull with no problem….
    Can you email me the files…. I really love the block! Thanks so much.



  2. Soma Acharya says:

    I think the different dating convention in the US is extremely silly!! Yes, I have made very similar mistakes too, dear Janine! I also sent Kim millions of comments one time on a single post because they didn't show up, I was mortified!! You could have really left the other post up. I know how much work you have put into it and the seagull block is so beautiful!
    However, I am also not going to complain about having an extra block because I think this one is brilliant!! While we read books perhaps with a hope of reducing the folly in us, I think both sides stay with us forever. That's human, right? :)

    Thank you for everything and I look forward to reading you essay.
    -Soma x


  3. Wendy says:

    Janine, I bet no one minded at all! These things happen. I do get very confused with the way Americans write the date, and actually don't think it makes much sense!! I read that date as 7th September too. Anyway, love the block, it so clever!


  4. LynCC says:

    Oh, yeah – I could totally make the same mistake, trust me. And I'm sure your extra post was no problem at all. In fact, we all got TWO for ONE from you! ;D And they're both wonderful blocks.


  5. Sandra :) says:

    Aaaaah stuff happens to all of us – I've made some doozies myself, as my husband and kids would happily testify :D They like to remind me of the time I was trying to squeeze some Lanacane (anti-itch ointment) out of the tube in the kitchen, and I squeezed too hard and it shot ONTO THE CEILING, where the stain remains to this day, despite the ceiling having being painted since then :D I'm sure nobody was overly concerned about the mix-up! IMHO, better to have an extra post – than to be one short!


  6. Shari says:

    Ha…reminds me of me…went to my first English class, didn't recognize anyone, loved the teacher, then he called attendance…whoops, had showed up 2 hours early this was NOT my class. Teacher was very kind and didn't laugh at me in front of everyone, next semester, I took his class, and it was great! Two blocks are perfect. Thanks for both!


  7. Kim says:

    The song “Tell me why I don't like Mondays”….comes to mind. Don't beat yourself up….we all make dumb mistakes, and I'm thinking more often than not!. Such a fun block!


  8. Susan at says:

    Yes, I would absolutely do something like that. As a matter of fact, I spent most of yesterday confused and frustrated because I had the path to a set of files wrong. One directory too many as I say. What's worse, people were waiting on me and I had to publicly admit my shame. I'll tell you – I do dumb things all of the time. Laugh at myself and correct them and nobody is the wiser. When I do dumb things publicly. ugh. I kind of want to crawl in a hole and hide. The upside is – we all do it. I suspect you're much harder on you than I am. :)

    This is fun pattern. I love things that tell stories in such a fun way.


  9. Willit Neverend says:

    Somedays it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry. I think in this case you just have to laugh :) No harm done.

    I like things that can be seen in different ways. Thanks for the tutorial.

    I'm going to read your essay tomorrow. One of my favourite essays to write at university was about the elegance of mathematics in art, or something to that effect. Maths and visual arts were my favourite subjects in school.


  10. Chiska says:

    I love this block! I'm intrigued by the essays. That kind of think happens to me way more often than I'd like to admit and we get an extra block–so cool! I'm having trouble downloading the template though. It says I don't have access to it. Thanks again for two fun blocks!


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