Blue Monday!

Yesterday, I finished Cindy’s block and that means I’m technically no longer behind in the bees – yay! But not for long unless I get this month’s three done soon.

I was too tired to concentrate on another bee block, though, and I noticed my box of solid scraps was looking very blue so I cut some 8″ strips, sewed them together, cut dresden blades and sewed them together and ended up with this…

I’m not sure what to do with it but I quite like it and it was fun to something quick and impulsive and low concentration :)

Do you end up with scraps mainly in a single colour range or do you have a happy mix?

And, I thought I’d ask this question just because I wonder about it every time I read someone is going to make a quilt only from their scraps  – that is several times a week!

How many quilts do you have to have to make before you get enough scraps to make a whole new quilt? I can’t see that happening to me this lifetime :)

Happy sewing and Scrap Collecting!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


20 thoughts on “Blue Monday!

  1. maria

    Loving the Dresden, do you have a special ruler for cutting them? I seem to have mostly pink and greeny blue scraps, I don't have enough scraps to make a whole quilt, I would have to buy some fabrics. My idea of scraps seems to be different to some other people, I think of very small pieces but I've seen some authors and bloggers count pieces as big as 1/4 metres, to me those aren't scraps.


  2. vexa

    I wanted to try some scrappy project as I read and saw some pretties out there but I didn't have much as I'm newbie so I started to trade my pouches for scraps. It's fun but I learned I don't really like random scrapiness and to have like rainbow scrappy quilt I would have to collect for years. I like your dresden.


  3. Cloud CouCou

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your tradewinds quilt..nice and bright. My scraps tend to be a bit all over the place as I buy fabrics here and there..think it will be a long time before I have enough to use to make a quilt!


  4. Allison

    haha, I think how much 'scrap' you end up with depends on the size of the fabric cuts you buy in the first place, and how big or small of a leftover piece you consider 'scrap'


  5. Grey Cat

    I collected scraps for, oh, ten years before I decided to actively do something with them. Admittedly, I did tend to go back to them fairly often, whenever I needed just odds and ends of fabric for swap blocks.

    If it weren't for swap blocks, my scraps would have been even further out of control.

    Still, after having just completed a scrappy top, and having decent starts on two more, I have plenty of scraps yet. It's all just a matter of deciding on plans for the rest of them.


  6. Anna

    I know what you mean! I definitely don't have enough scraps to make a whole quilt- I had to cut a lot of strips from yardage for my “scrappy” trip quilt! I love your scrappy dresden-y thing, though! Could make a really pretty mini quilt, maybe, or a large pillow!


  7. Karen

    I have so many scraps and have made a good number of scrap quilts but don't get rid of any scraps it seems. I am sure they multiply themselves. Your dresden could be so many things, love it!



    I have 4 buckets that had bird seed in them full of scraps – though they're quite organised (it's the only thing I can seem to organise :o) ) I have brights in one, lights in another, autumny bits in another, and small PHD's (Projects Half Done) in the other. I also have a shoe box with really little scraps for when I do a master piece in one inch squares (don't have any idea when it will be as I have absolutely no desire to work with 1″ bits lol) and a basket with other bits of fabric that are not all cotton.

    I am half way through a brights strip quilt at the moment having just done one in autumn colours.

    The stripy circle would look fab as a little cushion, I say little as I have no idea how big it is… it could just as well be a large cushion..


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