Really Random Thursday + WIP

Yesterday I suddenly went down with a mystery illness which apparently is going around. It was like flu without the sneezing/sore throat. I kept randomly alternating between high temperatures and being freezing cold, although it was quite a warm day, and all my muscles ached so much I could hardly move about. Luckily it seems to be wearing off but I missed WIP so I thought it throw it into Really Random Thursday.

I have finished my ever decreasing dots from last week. I wanted to do something with the Dotty Ombre strips from a Simply Color Jelly Roll that couldn’t be done with another fabric but once I’d got to a 30″ square block I was at a loss for what to do with it. After thinking about all the suggestions last week I decided to add a coordinating jelly roll strip to the top and bottom and and turn it into a baby quilt. It’s in the washing machine now and I’m hoping for a sunnier day tomorrow to get a better photo!

Still in progress is my ‘real’ Trip-a-Long. I’ve quilted it in straight lines a walking foot’s width on each side of the ditch in one direction and I’m planning to do the same crosswise so I end up with a square grid.

Now I’m feeling better I’ll have to go and check out everyone else’s WIP from this week.

As a more random fact, I’ve decided I would never have the patience to be a wildlife photographer. These two pheasants were having some kind of an altercation in the garden. The three moves below were repeated three times during the half hour I watched them and when I looked out two or three hours later they were still doing the same. I have no idea how it got resolved but I take my hat off to anyone who sits in a tree for a week on the off chance of getting a shot of a giraff or elephant at night.



What have you been doing lately?

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

16 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday + WIP

  1. Scrapatches

    Randomly responding …

    Hope you are feeling much better with no more ill effects.

    I am enjoying the quick looks at your WIPs and am looking forward to more pictures.

    The only wildlife I try to photograph are my very domesticated felines, who love to pose.

    Thanks for the link to Really Random Thursday and for sharing … :) Pat


  2. linda

    hope you are feeling better :)) the pheasant pic are good well done we had a kestrel sitting on the sky dish i nipped in for the camera and the b flew off.


  3. P.

    Funny, I watched the “wild kingdom” from my kitchen window yesterday too, and took some pics. I'm sure the pheasants sorted it out. It was probably all about a hen, LOL.


  4. Live a Colorful Life

    I went back to your ever decreasing dots quilt–SOOO great!

    Bummer about the flu–I had something like that two weeks ago where I had four quilt layers on top of me and was still cold–plus severe abdominal cramps. Yuck! Hope you are feeling back to normal again.


  5. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    Baby quilt is looking great, I guess the photography thing is related to the 5x7s, if you're passionate about it, that's fine – me- I'd rather be sewing but some people dont understand the point of cutting fabric then sewing it back together!


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