BSQ3 Finish


I’ve become a virtual blogging hermit lately. This is partly because I’ve had so little time to sew that I’ve had nothing to blog about and partly because I was starting to get worried about my Mini Quilt Wall Hanging for the Brit Quilt Swap 3 so I decided not to sew anything else until I’d finished it.

And today I’ve finished so I’m doing a happy dance!

The front is a foundation pieced hexagonal baravel spiral inspired by the book ‘Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts’ by RaNae Merrill.

I didn’t draw out a coloured pattern for this and the coloured design ended up looking more triangular than I expected so I decided on the hexagon shape and quilting to try to keep more with the circle style which I think my partner likes.


For the back I used this lovely print fabric which I received from Rebecca Lynne at Making Rebecca Lynne and because my partner also seems to like birds I decided to put some on the label for him/her. I’ve covered his/her name with a dandelion leaf to keep her identity secret.


I decided to cross stitch the label. I began with the orange bird and it evolved to be bigger than I’d planned but I don’t suppose that matters because it’ll be against the wall anyway.

Lastly, I added a hanging sleeve. I’ve never made a hanging sleeve before but it was much easier than I expected and I think I’ll start doing this whenever I make wall hangings in future.


18 thoughts on “BSQ3 Finish

  1. OksanaB says:

    Hi Janine! Love your mini quilt. So cute!
    I've taken a quilting class: Piecing 101. I had such a great time buying fabric, cutting stripes, sewing them together. So much fun! Too bad I don't have time to do it every day… I am definitely taking more classes this year!


  2. FarahLin says:

    Wow, gorgeous wall hanging, love the bright and cheery colors! Great idea on the cross stitch label. I'm sure your partner will cherish this beautiful make for a long time!


  3. Benta At SLIKstitches says:

    Wow, that's great! Mine's been put away for a while, I've hardly done any sewing over the summer, and I'm away for two weeks from Tuesday, so it will be September before I go back to school and back to normal which will hopefully include sewing. Your spiral starts tiny – there are some weeny pieces in that, absolutely fabulous!!!


  4. LynCC says:

    Oh, that's wild! (In a very cool way.) That top one, being seen right under your heading rabbit, immediately called up the feeling of spiraling down the rabbit hole Alice-style. :D What a fabulous label.


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