Well, this week I finished my longest standing WIP. I’d like to say it’s a work of art and took forever but actually it’s this table cloth. I bought the fabric at least six years ago and every now and then I take out the fabric and wonder whether I would actually like it as a table cloth or not…and put it away again!

So six years to think about it and sewn whilst the potatoes were boiling!

Coincidently, it matches the napkins and this lovely Thyme plant my friend Kirsty brought me, which she had grown from seed and packaged beautifully…so all’s well that ends well!

Something else that has ended better than I expected was my Bee Blocks for the lovely May at Confessions of a Fabraholic who is not only hosting Scrappy? Sew Bee It! but has a fab idea for a new Bee which you can read about here

I was very nervous about getting all those blocks lined up!


And now for my WIP (strips of pressed fabric so far) that I’m not sure is going to end well. This month’s colour for the Colour My World Challenge with M-R at Quilt Matters is aqua/cyan. I wasn’t too worried about this challenge as these are my favourite colours but since I love them so much I didn’t want to use up my small stash unless it was for something really special.

Then I saw this skirt in a charity shop and I thought it would be perfect for something…


…but what? Suggestions welcome, urgently!!!

Almost lastly, some hobbs heirloom has arrived so I have a little progress on Pernilla’s Parrots – hopefully something to show by next week.

And last but not least VIP – voting in progress. The time has come to head over to Jenna at Sew Happy Geek and vote for your favourite PLAY pick-a-card mini quilt The voting started yesterday and ends at 10.00am GMT on Friday 1st June. All the entries are wonderful but of course I would LOVE you to vote for my Ten of Diamonds Kite!!!

Regular readers are probably getting fed up of seeing this by now but I’ve never been in a competition before so I’m finding the whole thing really exciting!

How is your WIP going this week?


My WIP report this week is:

No progress:
Unicorn Stars Quilt
Flora Quilt

Bee Blocks
Table cloth
Aqua Challenge

Pernillas Parrots

Bee Blocks
Table cloth

This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 2
New projects – 3
Currently in progress – 3


9 thoughts on “WIP and VIP

  1. Cille says:

    Lovely and bright tablecloth :) also love your stargazing block. It's looks like a great bee. I'm orry I didn't sign up for it when I first saw it….


  2. Cindy says:

    Your table cloth makes me feel happy. Such bright and happy colors. Parties will be a lot more fun now. Oh, and great find at the thrift store. The printed pattern on the fabric is wonderful. Have fun dreaming up a suitable use.


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