Making Christmas Week 9

Welcome to Week  9  of MAKING CHRISTMAS  and Thank You to everyone who joined in last week :)

Two weeks of Making Christmas left!
I haven’t finished as many things this week, although I’ve done quite a bit of sewing, off and on – none of it connected to my original list!
1. I’ve made some progress on the Blue and Cream Quilt this week – but I really must make this priority sewing now to get it finished. 



2. I also made a Small Brown Hare which is going to count as a Christmas decoration until after Christmas when he can become a general decoration.


3. On Friday morning I came to my lap top to write a TTT  post to link up with Rebecca Lynne and I found I  had no internet connection. This happens quite a lot here, especially during the Winter, but it tends to resolve itself after a few hours. Then I received a completely surprising present – a Ruby Layer Cake (a very funny thing to happen as I had considered buying one and decided against it). So I started sewing and I sewed and sewed all day and all night until I had made this:

I think I’m going to call it ‘Ruby Butterfly’and have it as a sofa throw – What do you think? I think it might be a good project for some coloured hand quilting like inspired by Mary at Molly Flanders.
I never did get to writing that TTT post so I think I’ll save my thoughts for that to link up this week but do go and check out Rebecca Lynne’s blog – she’s made Christmas already and her her house is looking fabulous.

4. I also made a Dog Blanket for Lucy, which she is going to have either for Christmas or before if the weather turns really cold. 

5. And finally, I made this with a strip left over from Lucy’s blanket (waste not:want not!):
I’m not quite sure where I’m going to put it yet but every Christmas I seem to be searching about for ribbon so I’m sure I can use it somewhere!


Now my list of things I want to make in time for Christmas is looking like this:


2 x Sewing/Mending Kits X
3 x Wall Hangings
1 x Apron Kitchen Things
Finish Bear (a UFO knitted from our own sheep wool)
Finish Hexie Quilt (sofa throw and extra bedding when lots of people come)
Floor Cushions (for TV room when lots of people come) 
Draft Excluders (for when heat wave ends) X
1 x Table Runner for secret partner in the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap organised by Susan who blogs at Canadian Abroad. STARTED
1 or 2 x Christmas Ornament for secret partner in Susan’s Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap ?
Blue and Cream Quilt
Cushions x 3
Jewellery Rolls
Two Hanging Birds
Pot holder x 2
Oen gloves x 3
Hare decoration
Dog Blanket
Sofa Throw
What have you been making this week? Do link up and join the party! 
Happy Sewing:)


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