Just a little H20 because, today, I was determined to fmq a ‘real’ project. I started the H20 in the top left hand corner and the more I did the worse it was getting and I didn’t want to put myself off!

So I did a quick little flower…

 And moved onto this…

You remember the waves back in week 1? Well I decided it was my least worst pattern and this is how much I’ve done so far…

It’s not great but it’s my first ‘real’ fmq – YAY! I think I’d better try the crinkling in the dryer thing…

Linking up with Cindy at Fluffy Sheep for Free Motion Friday Week 7: H2O 
Edited to add: I just realized this is my 50th post – I can hardly believe it!

15 thoughts on “FMQ H20

  1. beecee says:

    Congrats on the milestone! I thought H2O and any other that had us retracing our stitches was hard. Especially if they were circles! The waves look terrific with the pinwheels, good choice.


  2. Nicky says:

    The H20 was tricky but you seem to have done as well as anyone else I've seen so far! Love the flower – maybe you are more organic then!? Great job on the real FMQ – that is what this practice is all about after all!


  3. Melissa says:

    Sometimes when you aren't clicking with a pattern, you just have to FMQ a flower :) I like it! I especially like the wavy lines in your red white patches, it's a nice contrast with the red :)


  4. Pat says:

    I think your H2O looks fine! I had a lot of trouble getting into the flow of this pattern. Your flower is cute and I love your waves on the pinwheel. Great Job!!!


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